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About Us

Steam Dry Canada, a privately-owned company, has been a leading provider of carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning, and duct cleaning services since its establishment in Calgary in 2002. Over the years, we have expanded our presence, now operating from 16 corporate offices across Canada, and proudly serving a vast customer base exceeding 200,000 satisfied clients. As a testament to our excellence, Steam Dry Canada holds the esteemed position of being the National Service Provider for The Home Depot Canada. Our commitment extends to offering premium carpet, upholstery, and duct cleaning services to Home Depot customers. Additionally, we provide specialized cleaning services that cater to installed carpet warranties, ensuring the longevity and maintenance of your investments. Our continued growth year after year is a testament to our established business model, robust marketing processes, dedicated systems, and unwavering support from a highly experienced management team. At Steam Dry Canada, our mission is to provide superior cleaning solutions and deliver a consistent standard of excellence to our clients.  

The Cleaning Industry

The cleaning industry in North America stands as a robust, multi-billion dollar sector. Typically, residential customers seek professional carpet cleaning every 12-24 months, and duct cleaning services are usually required every 2-3 years. In the commercial realm, the demand for cleaning services is even higher, driven by constant foot traffic and usage, sometimes necessitating monthly cleaning services. The cleaning industry possesses unique advantages that make it an attractive business endeavor:
  1. Recession Resilience: The cleaning industry exhibits resilience against economic downturns, primarily due to the affordability of its services. Cleaning proves to be a cost-effective means to enhance the living and working environments, making it a viable choice during economic challenges.
  2. Constant Demand for Cleaning Services: Beyond routine maintenance, there is a perpetual demand for cleaning services, arising from various scenarios such as post-renovation cleanup, moving to new homes, vacating rental properties, or preparing for family gatherings. This consistent need ensures a steady flow of business opportunities.
  3. Sustainable Growth: Steam Dry Canada boasts an impressive customer retention rate, consistently hovering at around 85%. This remarkable figure signifies that, by consistently delivering quality services in a professional manner, your cleaning business can achieve sustainable growth year after year.
Entering the cleaning industry can prove to be a rewarding venture, offering stability, resilience, and the opportunity to build a business that thrives even in challenging economic conditions.
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    The Opportunity

    The Steam Dry Canada franchise presents a remarkable opportunity for individuals looking to establish a business that doesn’t bind them 24/7. Ideally, every business owner aspires to own an enterprise that generates revenue without necessitating their constant involvement in day-to-day operations. With our well-structured systems and unwavering support, our franchisees can focus on running their business, rather than allowing their business to run them. Achieving this work-life balance is the cornerstone of a successful business, and our franchise model is tailored to cultivate precisely that. Furthermore, the flexibility to operate this business from the comfort of one’s home, coupled with the low initial investment, is made possible through our strong supplier relationships, proven marketing strategies, and access to our system clients. This unique combination empowers franchisees to anticipate positive returns while effectively implementing our franchise model. Embarking on a Steam Dry Canada franchise offers not only financial rewards but also the freedom to strike a harmonious balance between work and personal life.  

    Why a Steam Dry Canada Franchise?

    • Proven Business Model
    • A Marketing Campaign That Is Second To None
    • Can Be Ran As A Home Based Business
    • Low Start Up Costs
    • In-House Financing
    • Complete Training On The Steam Dry Canada Cleaning Process From Start To Finish At Our Head Office & On Going Support
    • Support From A Management Team With Decades Of Experience In Our Industry
    • Support From Communications Central (Corporately Owned Call Center) Open 7 Days A Week
    • Discounted Rates On Products, Cleaning Solutions, Vehicles, Equipment, Insurance, Credit Card Processing, Marketing Materials, Software, etc.
    • Access To Our System Clients (We are the National Service Provider For The Home Depot Canada)
    • Access To Drive Sales By Promotion In Our System Clients Stores
    • Ability To Develop A Business That Can Be Successful Without The Franchisee Being Directly Involved In The Day To Day Operations

    Unlocking Your Business Potential: The Steam Dry Canada Franchise

    If you seek an opportunity to establish a business you control rather than one that controls you, the Steam Dry Canada franchise deserves your serious consideration. Now is the perfect moment to make the change you’ve been waiting for. By embracing the Steam Dry Canada franchise, you can create a lifestyle that offers a harmonious work/life balance for both you and your family. This franchise is your gateway to realizing your business aspirations while enjoying the flexibility and control that a thriving enterprise can bring. Don’t wait any longer; the time to seize this opportunity is now. For further information, please email us at
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